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Base Camp Beauty

Crescent comb: marine

Crescent comb: marine

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Limited edition Marine colourway featuring a silver etched logo & brilliant white felt sleeve.

Hair care is important for not only our appearance, but also for our overall well-being. With the Base Camp Beauty 'Crescent' wide-tooth comb you'll take your hair therapy to the next level.

Fashioned in premium quality polished Acetate, the 'Crescent' comb is suitable for all hair types. It features generously spaced flat teeth to help create volume, texture and aid in detangling.

Designed for everyday use, the seamless teeth help gently comb wet or conditioned hair without causing breakage, all the while assisting the absorption of your favourite haircare product.

Comes complete with a felt travel sleeve.

A luxurious addition to your daily haircare routine.
Materials & Size:

Produced with premium quality polished Marine patterned Acetate. Finished with a luxurious etched silver logo embellishment.

Base Camp Beauty Crescent comb measures 67mm(width) _ 158mm(height) _ 6mm(depth).

What's Included:

Your Crescent comb comes its very own protective felt storage sleeve.

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